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Welcome to the open data portal «Animal statistics» by Identitas AG.

Identitas AG is the leading service provider for animal health, welfare and food safety in Switzerland. We develop & operate software for the identification, registration and the monitoring of livestock & companion animals. We are based in Bern.

Livestock in Switzerland is required by law to be registered in the Animal Movements Database (AMD) and keepers of livestock are obliged to report the movements of animals as they occur. Cattle, sheep & goats are uniquely identified by means of ear tags while equids (horses, donkeys, ponies, mules & hinnies) are uniquely identified by their life-number (UELN). Pigs & poultry are considered group animals and only the movements of the groups need be recorded. Dogs are obliged to be registered for licensing purposes at a local government level and this data is kept in the Amicus database. Other pets, such as cats, rodents, birds or fish, may be registered and this data is stored in the Anis database. All data used in these animal statistics are based on the three databases AMD, Amicus and Anis.

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